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CATs-i (Cluster Administration Toolkit)

* Linux Cluster System widely used for high performance computing
* It emphasizes on the use of commodity hardware and open source software
* It delivers a very high-performance at the extremely low cost
* System management is a challenging task
– Automatic and convenient installation of OS & application software packages
– The effective way to navigate and interact with cluster component
– Mechanism and tools to perform collective commands
– Some services such as monitoring, fault detection and recovery

What is CATS-i ?
* Cluster Administration ToolS on the Internet
* A collection of system management tools
– Provides automatic and convenient installation of OS & application software packages
– Provides efficient monitoring and management of cluster nodes with simple operation on the Internet.
– Provides easy-to-use GUI of PBS.
* Easy-to-install CATS-i rpm package

CATS-i System Architecture
* Client Daemon
– Get system information from local OS on each node
* Server Daemon
– Running on server node to collect information from client daemon
* Setup tool
– Implemented with JAVA
* Management tool
– Implemented with JAVA
– Support internet


Architecture of CATs-i

Management tools in the CATS-i
* Management tool offers maintenance of cluster nodes.
* Characteristics of management tool
– It is possible to bind many node as one cluster group, and manage multiple cluster groups in one place.
– It is possible to apply the same operation efficiently to all or selected nodes.
– It offers real-time monitoring to users for resource information such as CPU, memory and etc.
– Console implemented with java is interactive and easy to use.
– Job scheduling using JPBS through Internet
* CATS-i offers many function about resource.





Screenshots of CATs-i

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