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Some good sites to print a photo book

Following sites are all provides a good print solution. But, I didn’t have a chance to try it because most sites only available in there own countries.

I have to find the way to bring the photo books back to my country. Maybe or will do this. I have to check them and if it is possible, i will post about the experience after do it by myself. will print your photo books if you use the iPhoto software. Soft bound books are available in 3 sizes, while hardcover books are available in a single size with one or two sided pages. – Provides extensive templates or allows printing from your own custom designed PDF file. They offer a variety of book sizes, styles (hard and soft bound) and price points. Blurb can also offer your book for sale to others on their web site. – Offers 3 hard-cover book sizes and a simple web-based interface for layout and design. Best suited for existing users of the photo sharing web site. – Provides both soft and hard bound photo books and brochures in 3 sizes. Ideal for users who want to provide and sell their custom books to the public on the web site. – Provides users with their free BookMaker software for book design or an iPhoto plug-in for iPhoto users. Hard cover books are offered in 3 sizes and a variety of cover options. – Provides custom design software (PC only), book design templates and free on-line sharing of your resulting book design. Of course they will also print and bind your books too. Picaboo provides a medium soft cover booklet and a larger hard bound book format. – Provides hard cover books in 2 sizes. Users can design pages with provided templates, use an existing iPhoto layout, or create their own PDF file. Finished book designs can be shared on the Shared Ink website with friends and family or with the general public. – HP’s photo printing and sharing web site offers 2 sizes of flip books (wire bound photo prints), a tiny hard bound pocket book format, and a larger book format in both hard and soft bound options.

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