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The Passion of me?

These days I thought about the passion.
When I was a high school student, I really really fascinated by the computer programming.
I was lived in very small island and in that island nobody had a computer.
Even nobody had a chance to see what it is.

So, it was not easy to think about computer and also difficult to learn programming.
I just decided to enter the high school in the island instead of go aboard to study because there was one computer in there. Only one! But, I hoped to have a chance to touch and learn computer in there.

I really really tried to do whatever I can do and learned by myself. From that moment, I really was passionate to be a computer guru.

But, now a days, what am I do? Do still I have a passion about this area?
Do really want to do something with this? I am not sure now…

Of course, I love to learn computer stuffs. But, what after then?
Did I made any result?

It is not only the problem with the computer things. I also looks lost the passion about photography which was my favorite hobby. I tried to memorize memory beautiful moment. But, these days I just took one or two cut a day or even a week.

I realized this lost of passion yesterday when I had a english exam. I found that when I do something I didn’t totally focus on it. I should make myself active person again.

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