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Add-on tools for fedora 9

I usually use fedora distribution. With upcoming fedora 9, I, of course, changed to this new one.

There are, however, too many obstacles do my job on this distribution. After having problem on x86_64 bit version, I decided to downgrade to x86 version. But, I still struggled with the lack of useful tools which I usally can use on other distribution.

Fortunately, there are some good resources which guide to solve this problem. At the following url, I found the way to install several good tools which is necessary to do my job.

In summary, first you have to register new repository and install softwars you want to use.

# rpm -ihv
# yum -y install xmms xmms-mp3 xmms-faad2 gstreamer-plugins-ugly 
	gstreamer-plugins-bad libmad libid3tag
# yum -y install  gnomebaker testdisk thunderbird  screen cups-pdf 
	unrar deluge

The commands wichi shown at above is to register and install mp3 and other utility tools. You can find more ways on the link on top of this article.

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