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A new gadget

These days I fell in love with my new gadget – Minolta X-300.
This is really old one and I bought it around $100 with a 45mm F2 lense.

After moving to digital age, I rarely used film camera. Taking photographs with film camera was very rough thing. I should had to buy films and fix the ISO into one until change the film. After taking photographs, I had to develop and scan the films. This need a cost. The result, however, very different from the digital camera and little bit noisy. Because of it’s cost, I should have to reconsider if I should take this or not before press the shutter.

That’s hard thing sometimes, but, I can make more focuses into the object which I want to take.


At this time, I bought three kinds of film – Ilford XP2 400, Fuji Reala 100, and Kodak Ultra 100.


I love to take photos with XP2 and Ultra 100. At first, I used XP2 and got some photos which I love.


You can see some of my photos taken by X-300 at the

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