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Finally, I’ve got Kindle in my hand.

More than a half year, I considered Kindle as my e-book reader but couldn’t buy it from Korea. It’s only buyable in USA. Instead of buying Kindle, I downloaded Kindle application for iPod Touch and also purchased some books from

But, a few weeks ago, I heard that my professor will come back from USA soon. I decided to ask him to deliver it for me. I bought it from Amazon and set the address to the professor’s home in USA. FINALLY today, I got Kindle in my hand. It has amazing readability. Yeah, I could read it as if I read a paper. No stress on my eyes.

Kindle leather case


First page while sleep mode


Marley & Me


Prologue of Marley & Me


PDF book


One response to “Finally, I’ve got Kindle in my hand.”

  1. Haha, I still think that iPhone/iPod Touch beats Kindle..
    iPhone ROX!!!

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