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Slow life or am I just Lazy?

I usually had a very slow progress in my life compare to others. That is the reason why I put my title like that.

I didn’t mind about that much, but today I just realized that I have nothing but some stupid gadgets.

I still don’t have my home, a car, etc. At some point, it can be reasonable because I was not born in rich family or even in CIVILIZED city. But, it can’t be excuse. If I want to live here or somewhere I admire, I should keep up with their pace. What should I do? It’s not easy for me to find next step.

One response to “Slow life or am I just Lazy?”

  1. come on..
    This is because, there are so many things happened during last few weeks.
    This could be another opportunity to shine as well 🙂
    I believe you are already doing that by taking in charge of what is happening in CN and KR. Cheer UP!

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