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New Life?

I’m thinking of moving on to new country and I almost ready for it except a JOB!

To live in a new place, definitely I need a job and even though our company also has an office in the country I have in mind, there’s no open position at the moment. It makes me frustrated, but most frustrating thing is that no one inside the company doesn’t care that I might be quit this position.

It is a bit of shock to me by the think that I’m not that important. In another word, I’m an replaceable employee. It sounds to me that the work I do here is simple enough for everyone and not valuable things. That’s a sad part.

Anyway, I have very limited time from now and I have to find the way for the future. I’m not sure what is my strength and how I can live there. Only thing I can do at the moment is thinking and thinking and thinking…

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