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playing morse signals in Linux box

Recently, someone asked me about what TSC (Time Stamp Counter) and it reminds me one of my old day code. morse playing module!. Here’s the code. It unfortunately has old style code and I don’t have enough time to change it.

/* morse_io.c */


#define CLK_FREQ	(1193180L)
#define PIO		(0x61)
#define PIT_CMD		(0x43)
#define PIT_DATA	(0x42)
#define SETUP		(0xB6)
#define TONE_ON		(0x03)
#define TONE_OFF	(0xFC)

void sound(int freq) {
	unsigned int value = inb(PIO);
	freq = CLK_FREQ / freq;
	if ((value & TONE_ON) == 0) {
		outb(value | TONE_ON, PIO);
		outb(SETUP, PIT_CMD);
	outb(freq & 0xff, PIT_DATA);
	outb((freq >> 8) & 0xff, PIT_DATA);
void nosound(void) {
	unsigned int value = inb(PIO);
	value &= TONE_OFF;
	outb(value, PIO);
#define SPACE_MASK	(1 <= 'a' && c  58) continue;
		c = codes[c];
		if (c & SPACE_MASK) {
			word_space(); continue;
		while (c & BIT_MASK) {
			if (c & 1) send_dash();
			else send_dot();
			c >>= 1;
ssize_t m_write(struct file *filp, const char *buffer,
		size_t length, loff_t *offset) {
	char *data = (char *)kmalloc(length, GFP_KERNEL);
	if (data == NULL) return 0;
	copy_from_user(data, buffer, length);
	return length;
struct file_operations m_fops = {
	.write = m_write
int major_no = 0;
int init_module() {
	major_no = register_chrdev(0, "morse", &m_fops);
	return 0;
void cleanup_module() {
	unregister_chrdev(major_no, "morse");

Related Makefile is here.

KERNEL_DIR = /lib/modules/$(shell uname -r)/build
PWD := $(shell pwd)

obj-m += morse_io.o

	$(MAKE) -C $(KERNEL_DIR) SUBDIRS=$(PWD) modules

	rm -rf *.ko
	rm -rf *.mod.*
	rm -rf *.cmd
	rm -rf *.o

After compile it you need to load the module and make a node.

[root@localhost ~]# insmod ./morse_io.ko
[root@localhost ~]# grep morse /proc/devices 
246 morse
[root@localhost ~]# mknod mymorse c 246 0
[root@localhost ~]# echo SOS > mymorse

You now can hear ‘SOS’ in morse signals!!! 🙂

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