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Use static DHCP IP address in VMWare Fusion guests

MacBook Pro is really nice laptop for developing. With great power in this gadget, you also can create lots of virtual guests.

With this virtual guests, you can try various kinds of test. Sometimes, there’s a case you want to use fixed IP address (even though it’s a private IP) to communicate with other virtual guests on your system. In that case, you can put the fixed data by open the file with the following command.

sudo vi /Library/Preferences/VMware Fusion/vmnet8/dhcpd.conf

And put at the bottom of the file with something similar below:

####### VMNET DHCP Configuration. End of "DO NOT MODIFY SECTION" #######
host myhost {
	hardware ethernet 00:0C:29:F1:56:6A;

You can find ‘hardware ethernet’ (MAC address) with ifconfig command or equivalent commands in the OS.

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