Life is all about presentation yourself

When I had an interview first time, I passed the paper exam with quite good score. The problem was with the interview. One of my weakness I guess is presenting myself to others.

When interviewers asked me what is my selling point, I said ‘debugging’!!! I said ‘debugging’ is the best thing I do well and would be good for your company. The real intention in my mind was that I’m good at catching and analysing issues quite efficient and clear way which would be useful for the other areas as well. But, only word I could say was ‘I am good at debugging’. I’d become much better now than at that point, but still I always regret what I said during selling myself. I’ve just realised that recording everything I had and kept in mind in this blog might be one possible solution. Not full solution, but would help a bit, I guess.

So, this blog might be busier than before, I reckon.

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