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  • Barcode 39 source – Pascal (Delphi)

    More than 10 years ago, I developed this to use in very small shop. It was almost vanished in my memory, but recently I found it in my old CD. I upload it here for my old memories. unit BCode39; interface uses SysUtils, Classes, Controls, Printers, Graphics, WinProcs, Dialogs; type TBCode39 = class(TComponent) private {… Continue reading

  • How to write a technical book

    I’m looking for the way to write a technical book well. So, I googled with keyword writing technical book. and find following useful sites. How to Write a Technical Book The goal of this page is to share my hard-won experiences writing books. The bad news is that writing a book is hard work… Continue reading

  • CATs-i (Cluster Administration Toolkit)

    Motivation * Linux Cluster System widely used for high performance computing * It emphasizes on the use of commodity hardware and open source software * It delivers a very high-performance at the extremely low cost * System management is a challenging task – Automatic and convenient installation of OS & application software packages – The… Continue reading

  • MAGE – Mobile Agent-based Grid Environment

    Project Goal * Provide API for easy development of Grid application * Provide transparency to end-users and developers – Protocol transparency – Running location transparency – Message interpret transparency * Provide Flexible and reliable layers Architecture Running example of MAGE Continue reading

  • The book I wrote in 2002.

    It’s the first book I wrote a few years ago. This books is written for the Java developer and tried to show examples as many as possible. The title is ‘LITH’s Java 2 Guide’. It’s a good experience to me although didn’t sold well. ^^; Contents of this book is just like this. 1. Introduction… Continue reading

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A software engineer who loves any technologies that makes life easier. That’s why I love Linux and Mac at the same time.