Barcode 39 source – Pascal (Delphi)

More than 10 years ago, I developed this to use in very small shop. It was almost vanished in my memory, but recently I found it in my old CD. I upload it here for my old memories. unit BCode39; interface uses SysUtils, Classes, Controls, Printers, Graphics, WinProcs, Dialogs; type TBCode39 = class(TComponent) private {… Continue reading Barcode 39 source – Pascal (Delphi)

CATs-i (Cluster Administration Toolkit)

Motivation * Linux Cluster System widely used for high performance computing * It emphasizes on the use of commodity hardware and open source software * It delivers a very high-performance at the extremely low cost * System management is a challenging task - Automatic and convenient installation of OS & application software packages - The… Continue reading CATs-i (Cluster Administration Toolkit)