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  • The thoughts which block us from calm meditation

    These days I read a book titled “eat, pray, love” written by Elizabeth Gilbert. The story in this book is based on real experience and talk about meditation during she’s life after divorce. In this book, when she was in India for attending at the mediation place, she had to fought with several unnecessary thoughts.… Continue reading

  • NHO in Singapore

    It becomes 2 month now and I finally on orientation for newly hired employees in Singapore. It took two days and was very though schedule. Anyway I had a good time in there with new faces. After ate chilly crap at the river side of Singapore, we took photograph. Continue reading

  • Sundae (Korean food) guk

    Sundae (IPA: [sunt?]) is a Korean dish made generally by boiling or steaming cow or pig’s intestines that are stuffed with various ingredients. It is a kind of blood sausage and believed to have been eaten for a long time. The recipes related to sunda can be found in Joseon cookbooks published in 19th century… Continue reading

  • Korean drama I saw these days.

    I usually do not like to watching drama because it takes too much time for watching whole series. This drama is not a exception but sometimes I saw this when I have a time. This one is fun and simple but got a feeling, so I like this one. It’s just finished 5th broadcasting now… Continue reading

  • The Passion of me?

    These days I thought about the passion. When I was a high school student, I really really fascinated by the computer programming. I was lived in very small island and in that island nobody had a computer. Even nobody had a chance to see what it is. So, it was not easy to think about… Continue reading

  • Passed the RHCE!!!

    As I wrote before, I got a job. The company name is Red Hat. In this company, every engineer must have a RHCE(Red Hat Cerfified Engineer). I didn’t get one until become a member of this company. I had a exam yesterday and result looks not bad. People said that I looks passed the exam.… Continue reading

  • I got a job

    I got a new job and I think I am so lucky because this job is perfectly my favorite thing. In this job, I have to deal with linux all the time and have to resovle the problem clients met. I can learn a lot of things during this job, I thought. This company is… Continue reading

  • If You Want Me

    It’s the title of my favorite song in movie ‘Once’. It was a great movie and very romantic although the end is unusual. There are so many song’s in there. Every song is fantastic. Natural and Sweet. This song is most my favorite song in this movie anyway. ^^ She sing this song while buying… Continue reading

  • Some books I read these days.

    I read some books which very fun and useful. The first book I read is ‘What should I do with my life’. I start to read this book because I also confused with my life. I leaved the company to follow my desire and my goal. I thought that I can do what I want… Continue reading

  • My own photographs

    I don’t have enough photos of me because I don’t like take my own photos although I love to take photos of anyone else. 😉 Here are some photos taken by someone else include one taken when I was a baby. Continue reading

  • Jeju island and Daum communications co.

    I worked in Daum communications for a short period of time as a developer for the Web search engine. Daum is famous in Korea as a Web portal company and it has many influence to the people in Korea. Daum company is located in two totally separated places. One is located in Seoul, the Capital… Continue reading

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A software engineer who loves any technologies that makes life easier. That’s why I love Linux and Mac at the same time.