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  • RHEL release notes

    If you want to see what changes happen on each release, you can find it on the following website. They also provides several materials for learn about Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Continue reading

  • Problems of TCP RST at the improper position.

    Recently, I had to solve the problems which got too much unclosed TCP connection on the server. During digging into this problem, one of my colleague found very good and useful information which is related to the IE. Title : “Internet Explorer and TCP RST – a reason to dislike”. I found that IE was… Continue reading

  • TCP Connection State Diagram

    Transmission Control Protocol : Continue reading

  • Useful IRC applications for Mac

    In our company, the most important way to communicate with colleagues is through IRC. Usually we use xchat as a client application, but because I prefer Mac, I had to find some mac clients. So, I googled for irc clients and I found some useful applications. There are several metrics to choose the better one.… Continue reading

  • Summarize the contents of some Linux Kernel Book

    I wrote this post to summarize some good book which talk about Linux Kernel. Understanding the Linux Kernel (O’Reilly) by Daniel Bovet, Marco Cesati Introduction Memory Addressing Processes Interrupts and Exceptions Kernel Synchronization Timing Measurements Memory Management Process Address Space System Calls Signals Process Scheduling The Virtual Filesystem Managing I/O Devices Disk Caches Accessing Files… Continue reading

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A software engineer who loves any technologies that makes life easier. That’s why I love Linux and Mac at the same time.