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  • Fedora and Red Hat servers are compromised.

    In the Fedora Announce List, Red Hat reported that some of there server was compromised. Security work is ongoing. You can see the e-mail about this on fedora-announce-list. Red Hat has released a security advisory and a script to detect potentially compromised openssh packages. Red Hat highly recommended to update to new release ASAP. Continue reading

  • A new gadget

    These days I fell in love with my new gadget – Minolta X-300. This is really old one and I bought it around $100 with a 45mm F2 lense. After moving to digital age, I rarely used film camera. Taking photographs with film camera was very rough thing. I should had to buy films and… Continue reading

  • A gloomy day

    There is a time when life looks boring and unnecessary. This is the time to me feel sad and gloomy. I recognized that I didn’t do anything these 3 months except talk with people whole day. How could I spent those big amounts of day without get any achievement. I had several goals in my… Continue reading

  • Add-on tools for fedora 9

    I usually use fedora distribution. With upcoming fedora 9, I, of course, changed to this new one. There are, however, too many obstacles do my job on this distribution. After having problem on x86_64 bit version, I decided to downgrade to x86 version. But, I still struggled with the lack of useful tools which I… Continue reading

  • What should I learn at this stage?

    As an employee in Red Hat, there are so many things I should know. I want to figure it out and find direction to go. Following figure is from and shows the next step after got RHCE. Maybe I should start from RH401, because it talks about virtualization. You can find some information at… Continue reading

  • The thoughts which block us from calm meditation

    These days I read a book titled “eat, pray, love” written by Elizabeth Gilbert. The story in this book is based on real experience and talk about meditation during she’s life after divorce. In this book, when she was in India for attending at the mediation place, she had to fought with several unnecessary thoughts.… Continue reading

  • RHEL release notes

    If you want to see what changes happen on each release, you can find it on the following website. They also provides several materials for learn about Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Continue reading

  • Problems of TCP RST at the improper position.

    Recently, I had to solve the problems which got too much unclosed TCP connection on the server. During digging into this problem, one of my colleague found very good and useful information which is related to the IE. Title : “Internet Explorer and TCP RST – a reason to dislike”. I found that IE was… Continue reading

  • TCP Connection State Diagram

    Transmission Control Protocol : Continue reading

  • NHO in Singapore

    It becomes 2 month now and I finally on orientation for newly hired employees in Singapore. It took two days and was very though schedule. Anyway I had a good time in there with new faces. After ate chilly crap at the river side of Singapore, we took photograph. Continue reading

  • Sundae (Korean food) guk

    Sundae (IPA: [sunt?]) is a Korean dish made generally by boiling or steaming cow or pig’s intestines that are stuffed with various ingredients. It is a kind of blood sausage and believed to have been eaten for a long time. The recipes related to sunda can be found in Joseon cookbooks published in 19th century… Continue reading

  • Korean drama I saw these days.

    I usually do not like to watching drama because it takes too much time for watching whole series. This drama is not a exception but sometimes I saw this when I have a time. This one is fun and simple but got a feeling, so I like this one. It’s just finished 5th broadcasting now… Continue reading