Some good sites to print a photo book

Following sites are all provides a good print solution. But, I didn’t have a chance to try it because most sites only available in there own countries. I have to find the way to bring the photo books back to my country. Maybe or will do this. I have to check them andContinue reading “Some good sites to print a photo book”

How to write a technical book

I’m looking for the way to write a technical book well. So, I googled with keyword writing technical book. and find following useful sites. How to Write a Technical Book The goal of this page is to share my hard-won experiences writing books. The bad news is that writing a book is hard workContinue reading “How to write a technical book”

Summarize the contents of some Linux Kernel Book

I wrote this post to summarize some good book which talk about Linux Kernel. Understanding the Linux Kernel (O’Reilly) by Daniel Bovet, Marco Cesati Introduction Memory Addressing Processes Interrupts and Exceptions Kernel Synchronization Timing Measurements Memory Management Process Address Space System Calls Signals Process Scheduling The Virtual Filesystem Managing I/O Devices Disk Caches Accessing FilesContinue reading “Summarize the contents of some Linux Kernel Book”

CATs-i (Cluster Administration Toolkit)

Motivation * Linux Cluster System widely used for high performance computing * It emphasizes on the use of commodity hardware and open source software * It delivers a very high-performance at the extremely low cost * System management is a challenging task – Automatic and convenient installation of OS & application software packages – TheContinue reading “CATs-i (Cluster Administration Toolkit)”

Jeju island and Daum communications co.

I worked in Daum communications for a short period of time as a developer for the Web search engine. Daum is famous in Korea as a Web portal company and it has many influence to the people in Korea. Daum company is located in two totally separated places. One is located in Seoul, the CapitalContinue reading “Jeju island and Daum communications co.”