How to write mpykdump extension

If you are dealing with a vmcore (Linux memory dump), you must be familiar with 'crash'. It is a powerful tool, but it doesn't cover all the data you can find in Linux kernel. So, there comes 'mpykdump' which is a crash extension which understands python code. mpykdump comes with many prebuilt commands that you… Continue reading How to write mpykdump extension

An example case with some of my commands

System got high load average and it wasn't responding for long which is a typical hang situation. crash> sys | egrep -e LOAD -e CPUS CPUS: 14 LOAD AVERAGE: 520.69, 210.35, 79.69 crash> hangcheck [0 00:00:00.003] [UN] PID: 5507 TASK: ffff8d257723cf10 CPU: 6 COMMAND: "ora_dia0_gladp6" [0 00:00:00.006] [UN] PID: 6068 TASK: ffff8d266239cf10 CPU: 7 COMMAND:… Continue reading An example case with some of my commands

pycrashext – A rich python extension

Based on Pykdump, I wrote a set of plugins named 'pycrashext' which is basically trying to help to reduce the troubleshooting time.  My favorite command in this set is 'edis' which can display source code in between disassembled lines. This requires an additional source code server with source codes, but once you have it, it… Continue reading pycrashext – A rich python extension