Howto change __MyCompanyName__ in your project with Xcode

You might doesn't like the comment at the top of your Xcode project files. // // ViewController.m // CITest // // Created by Sungju Kwon on 4/21/12. // Copyright (c) 2012 __MyCompanyName__. All rights reserved. // I've checked the internet for the possible solution, and I could find below. defaults write PBXCustomTemplateMacroDefinitions '{ORGANIZATIONNAME="Sungju Kwon";}'… Continue reading Howto change __MyCompanyName__ in your project with Xcode

Using single-tap and double-tap in the same view

If you are going to use two similar gestures in a view, it could cause the problem. For example, in the following code snippet, I tried to use single tap for changing screen mode while double tap is used to toggle bookmark flag. [self.svContent addGestureRecognizer:toggleFavoriteTap]; [self.svContent addGestureRecognizer:toggleFullScreenTap]; But, there's one problem with this. When you… Continue reading Using single-tap and double-tap in the same view

Stack Exchange Client for iPhone

As a developer/engineer, I spent quite some time on When I try to search something on google, it also forwarded me to This site has really great resources with very clear interface. There are also some other topics that cover with stackexchange API such as Gaming, Photography, and Cooking. So, I decided to… Continue reading Stack Exchange Client for iPhone

Use TabBar and Navigation Controller at the same time

Interface Builder is a great tool to minimize your typing and make you see the output before you compile it. But, sometimes, it blocks you to implement your thought clearly. Combining TabBar and NavigationBar is one of those cases. If you want to use TabBar, you easily can make it using Interface Builder, but Interface… Continue reading Use TabBar and Navigation Controller at the same time

Some useful web links for iPhone development

Developing something needs lots of energy and information. Even though you are familiar with iPhone development, you might need some help for the area you are not familiar with but just got a new project you need to finish on time. Following web sites can be helpful to get an answer for your problems.… Continue reading Some useful web links for iPhone development