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  • Life is all about presentation yourself

    When I had an interview first time, I passed the paper exam with quite good score. The problem was with the interview. One of my weakness I guess is presenting myself to others. When interviewers asked me what is my selling point, I said ‘debugging’!!! I said ‘debugging’ is the best thing I do well… Continue reading

  • So many thinkings are come and go

    It’s been more than a month now and I’m still feeling like a stranger here. It’s like living in an expensive hotel for a long vacation. Nothing’s settled yet. I was used to the life with flexibility but here I can’t get that luxury anymore. The salary is good enough to barely survive and the… Continue reading

  • New life in new year

    It has been almost two weeks arriving in Australia. Living in almost new environment with unfamiliar language is a big challenge to me and It’s got to be a big stress in some way. Sometimes, I can’t remember and understand why I’ve started this journey. Why didn’t I just stay with my old lovely days.… Continue reading

  • Moon Cake

    It was a thanksgiving day in lunar calendar here. Usually we eat rice cake and having a good time with family. In this time, I also had a chance to eat chinese ‘moon cake’, also called ?? ( I think the price of this moon cake is over tagged. It was good experience, though. 🙂 Continue reading

  • It’s a rainy day. I mean, real rain!!!

    Recently, the weather shows a very unusual pattern here. This summer is almost fully filled with rain. Since yesterday, it becomes worse. Rain is pouring, yeah… pouring literally. Street was also covered with flood. People had to walk with bare foot to avoid wetting their shoes. Continue reading

  • I need some break

    I need some break

    Recently I’m a bit frustrated and tired. I might lost interest in everything. It is the time to take some rest, but time is not allowed, sadly. Continue reading

  • Need some coffee

    Really tired. Need some fresh air with a good coffee Continue reading

  • New Life?

    I’m thinking of moving on to new country and I almost ready for it except a JOB! To live in a new place, definitely I need a job and even though our company also has an office in the country I have in mind, there’s no open position at the moment. It makes me frustrated,… Continue reading

  • Sick leaves

    For the last several days, I was sick. It was a cold, but was suffered a lot because of high fever and itching in muscle. During this off period, I thought about my future when I was well enough to think something. 😛 I think I need to live more clean and clear future if… Continue reading

  • Lost interest for everthing?

    Recently, I couldn’t focus on anything and also lost expression for people. Just a gloomy and long face. I might lost interest in life. It isn’t a good signal, so I’m trying to find some thing that can stimulate me. As of this consideration, I started to learn Objective-C and iPhone programming. Programming was a… Continue reading

  • Thinking about my future

    Currently, I’m working in globally well-known – at leat, in Linux field – company. I’m very proud and happy to work in here, but sometimes feel frustrated because of regional restriction. More strictly speaking, English is a main barrier to be grown up inside the company. I know there are some other more important topics… Continue reading

  • Unclear future

    Not like my own title ‘Very slow life’, my life goes in very rapid speed recently. That makes me a bit frighten because I didn’t prepared it well. When I look back my recent couple of years, I seemed to have very busy life – in my opinion, but, I just realized that I didn’t… Continue reading

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