Life is all about presentation yourself

When I had an interview first time, I passed the paper exam with quite good score. The problem was with the interview. One of my weakness I guess is presenting myself to others. When interviewers asked me what is my selling point, I said ‘debugging’!!! I said ‘debugging’ is the best thing I do wellContinue reading “Life is all about presentation yourself”

So many thinkings are come and go

It’s been more than a month now and I’m still feeling like a stranger here. It’s like living in an expensive hotel for a long vacation. Nothing’s settled yet. I was used to the life with flexibility but here I can’t get that luxury anymore. The salary is good enough to barely survive and theContinue reading “So many thinkings are come and go”

Lost interest for everthing?

Recently, I couldn’t focus on anything and also lost expression for people. Just a gloomy and long face. I might lost interest in life. It isn’t a good signal, so I’m trying to find some thing that can stimulate me. As of this consideration, I started to learn Objective-C and iPhone programming. Programming was aContinue reading “Lost interest for everthing?”

Thinking about my future

Currently, I’m working in globally well-known – at leat, in Linux field – company. I’m very proud and happy to work in here, but sometimes feel frustrated because of regional restriction. More strictly speaking, English is a main barrier to be grown up inside the company. I know there are some other more important topicsContinue reading “Thinking about my future”