External network doesn’t work in OpenStack running on VMWare fusion?

I’ve been hard time to figure out why my openstack doesn’t communicate with outside and it’s always saying ‘Down’ when I checked external network in router. It turned out that is the issue with ‘promiscuous mode’. In default, it’s requires to have authentication for entering promiscuous mode. By turning it off, the network works fineContinue reading “External network doesn’t work in OpenStack running on VMWare fusion?”

How to improve the nova storage performance

If you are using KVM for virtualisation in OpenStack, you might notice some big slowness with the virtual storage. You can improve the performance by using the hypervisor’s volume group directly. You just need to create a volume group and specify that in /etc/nova/nova.conf. libvirt_images_type=lvm libvirt_images_volume_group=

How to install OpenStack on Fedora VM

OpenStack requires a system that has the virtualisation feature, but you might want to test it on the virtual guest before actually install it in bare metal system. In that case, you can achieve it by enabling nested virtualisation feature in recent Linux distribution. You can find if your distro has that feature by checkingContinue reading “How to install OpenStack on Fedora VM”

packages you need to install for cinder virtualenv test

cinder documentation says you need to install below packages in Fedora/RHEL, but it’s not working as some packages are missing. $ sudo yum install python-devel openssl-devel python-pip git libmysqlclient-dev libqp-dev I had to test one by one and below seems working perfectly. $ sudo yum install python-devel openssl-devel python-pip git mysql-devel libpqxx-devel

Build a OpenStack on VMware Fusion 5

Cloud is a big trend in recent years and it will be bigger and bigger. Even though you want to join in this trend, it’s hard as it requires lots of machines to build and test it. Fortunately, these days virtualisation technique allows us to install virtual guest on top of another virtual quest. So,Continue reading “Build a OpenStack on VMware Fusion 5”