Installing RHEV Hypervisor on VMWare Fusion

If you are interested in Red Hat Virtualization and couldn't afford to buy machines for the hypervisor, using VMWare would be one possible cheaper way to achieve it. By using nested virtualisation technology, you can easily build an environment. Only thing you need to before the installation is making some changes in the vmx file… Continue reading Installing RHEV Hypervisor on VMWare Fusion

What’s the internal details for ‘-startdate’ option in ‘qemu-kvm’

When you run KVM-based virtual machine, you can specify '-startdate' option. What format we can use and what actions are happening inside the qemu-kvm. Options are checked in main() function in vl.c. case QEMU_OPTION_startdate: { struct tm tm; time_t rtc_start_date; if (!strcmp(optarg, "now")) { rtc_date_offset = -1; } else { if (sscanf(optarg, "%d-%d-%dT%d:%d:%d", &tm.tm_year, &tm.tm_mon,… Continue reading What’s the internal details for ‘-startdate’ option in ‘qemu-kvm’