Barcode 39 source – Pascal (Delphi)

More than 10 years ago, I developed this to use in very small shop. It was almost vanished in my memory, but recently I found it in my old CD. I upload it here for my old memories. unit BCode39; interface uses SysUtils, Classes, Controls, Printers, Graphics, WinProcs, Dialogs; type TBCode39 = class(TComponent) private {Continue reading “Barcode 39 source – Pascal (Delphi)”

Simple recipe to build your own LXRed Linux Kernel Source in Fedora 13

¬† $ yum install git inkscape postgresql postgresql-server texlive ctags perl-CGI-Ajax perl-CGI-Simple perl-DBD-Pg perl-HTML-Parser perl-Template-Toolkit perl-Term-ProgressBar.noarch perl-Term-Size perl-TermReadKey perl-Devel-Size gcc gcc-c++ texlive-utils texlive-latex perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker perl-CPAN perl-YAML libpng libpng-devel texinfo perl-Digest-SHA1 wget http make icoutils xapian-core perl-Search-Xapian perl-CPAN perl-Search-Xapian gifsicle¬† $ cd /tmp && wget $ cpan $ cpan -fi Search::Xapian $ mkdir /opt;Continue reading “Simple recipe to build your own LXRed Linux Kernel Source in Fedora 13”