Interesting article ‘Interview: Ingo Molnar’

One of the main contributor into the Linux kernel is Ingo Molnar. I found this article while checking removal of 'get_irqlock()' in Kernel 2.6. Even though, it doesn't mention about this in detail, it was good material to understand what jobs Ingo did and what was the main feature of O(1) scheduler and others. Check… Continue reading Interesting article ‘Interview: Ingo Molnar’

Configuring a Bridge Interface for the KVM-based virtual machines

If you are going to run virtualized host as a web server or some services for the clients, the systems should be accessible from the outside. Unfortunately, the default network configuration in KVM is NAT (Network Address Translation). It is good for some VMs who will co-work with other VMs, but for the server, it… Continue reading Configuring a Bridge Interface for the KVM-based virtual machines