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Some books I read these days.

I read some books which very fun and useful.

The first book I read is ‘What should I do with my life’.
I start to read this book because I also confused with my life. I leaved the company to follow my desire and my goal.
I thought that I can do what I want without problem. But, It was not easy.

The main problem is that I lost the way which one is my goal. I confused.
What should I have to do now. What am I supposed to do in this world.

I want to be a useful and helpful man in the world. I want to cure the world.
But, I can’t assure I can do this. So, I start to read this book.

I have no clue why I pick this book up. I went to the bookstore and look around the bookshelves.
It just come to me with very strong title!

This book made with a lot of interviews. It’s mean that it based on the real story.
Some people who suffer from the life and some people who overcome this and some people who make a there own decisions, etc…

It makes me rethink about the life and what is right and wrong.

Another book I read is ‘You’ve got to read this book’.
The one of author is Jack Canfield who wrote ‘Chicken soup for the soul’.
It talks about the books which inspired to the people.
I thought that sometimes a book just comes to us to help.
Sometimes, just one book can change a person to the greatest hero.
I also decide my future by read some books. so, I think it is true.

And last these days, I read a novel. very fun and make me laugh.
The book is ‘Confessions of a shopaholic’. Very famous and well-known book.
Sometimes, reading easy book is not bad. 🙂

It was fun and I want to read another book of ‘Shopaholic’ series.

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