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  • How to disassemble a module from a vmcore

    There are times that you have to deal with a module which you don’t have source code. Only thing we can do is disassemble it, but if you don’t have actual module binary, this is also tough. Luckily, vmcore has all the code loaded into the memory. So, here’s the steps to get disassembled code… Continue reading

  • How to build a module with source codes in separate directories.

    If you want to use separate directories for source files and target modules, you can use below scheme. mod_main.c #include #include MODULE_LICENSE(“GPL”); static int __init mod_entry(void) { return 0; } static void __exit mod_exit(void) { return; } module_init(mod_entry); module_exit(mod_exit); sub_mod.c #include #include int sub_func(int i) { printk(“Hello %d”, i); return 0; } EXPORT_SYMBOL(sub_func); Makefile… Continue reading

  • module taint

    static char *module_flags(struct module *mod, char *buf) { int bx = 0; if (mod->taints || mod->state == MODULE_STATE_GOING || mod->state == MODULE_STATE_COMING) { buf[bx++] = ‘(‘; if (mod->taints & (1 <taints & (1 <taints & (1 <state == MODULE_STATE_GOING) buf[bx++] = ‘-‘; /* Show a + for module-is-being-loaded */ if (mod->state == MODULE_STATE_COMING) buf[bx++] =… Continue reading

  • playing morse signals in Linux box

    Recently, someone asked me about what TSC (Time Stamp Counter) and it reminds me one of my old day code. morse playing module!. Here’s the code. It unfortunately has old style code and I don’t have enough time to change it. /* morse_io.c */ #include #include #include #include #include #include #include MODULE_LICENSE(“GPL”); #define CLK_FREQ (1193180L)… Continue reading

  • simple explanation about ‘lsmod’ output

    When you execute ‘lsmod’ command, you would see something like this. [root@localhost ~]# lsmod Module Size Used by ipheth 5105 0 cpufreq_stats 3117 0 fuse 51432 3 ebtable_nat 1431 0 ebtables 12142 1 ebtable_nat bridge 57131 0 stp 1438 1 bridge … It shows very simple and clear information but I couldn’t understand what ‘Size’… Continue reading

  • Linux Wireless Configuration Module – cfg80211

    If you travel frequently and have to access wireless internet in that country, you’d be better to check this article. Sometimes, in foreign country, you would face with unaccessible wireless AP. One of the possible reason is that you use the different country code which is described in IEEE 802.11 regulatory domain code? from the… Continue reading

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