External network doesn’t work in OpenStack running on VMWare fusion?

I've been hard time to figure out why my openstack doesn't communicate with outside and it's always saying 'Down' when I checked external network in router. It turned out that is the issue with 'promiscuous mode'. In default, it's requires to have authentication for entering promiscuous mode. By turning it off, the network works fine… Continue reading External network doesn’t work in OpenStack running on VMWare fusion?

Managing VMware from command line

Here are some commands that you can use to manage virtual guests from command line. To check currently running virtual guests: $ cd "/Applications/VMware Fusion.app/Contents/Library" $ ./vmrun -T fusion list Total running VMs: 1 ….. To start a virtual machine, you can use below. $ ./vmrun -T fusion start "/Users/sungju/Documents/Virtual Machines.localized/mymachine.vmwarevm/mymachine.vmx" http://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/show_ads.js To stop a… Continue reading Managing VMware from command line

vmware-tools installation failure in Fedora 18?

If you are failing installing vmware-tools in Fedora 18 with the following message, it might be caused of the changes in Fedora 18 kernel-revel package. The path "" is not a valid path to the .... Here's the simple command that will resolve the issue. It also works for latest Fedora 17 issue. $ cp… Continue reading vmware-tools installation failure in Fedora 18?

Installing RHEV Hypervisor on VMWare Fusion

If you are interested in Red Hat Virtualization and couldn't afford to buy machines for the hypervisor, using VMWare would be one possible cheaper way to achieve it. By using nested virtualisation technology, you can easily build an environment. Only thing you need to before the installation is making some changes in the vmx file… Continue reading Installing RHEV Hypervisor on VMWare Fusion

Build a OpenStack on VMware Fusion 5

Cloud is a big trend in recent years and it will be bigger and bigger. Even though you want to join in this trend, it's hard as it requires lots of machines to build and test it. Fortunately, these days virtualisation technique allows us to install virtual guest on top of another virtual quest. So,… Continue reading Build a OpenStack on VMware Fusion 5

How to use fixed DHCP address on VMware Fusion 4/5

There's a time you want to use fixed address even for your NATed VM guest. In the case of VMware, you can achieve this by modifying configuration file in '/Library/Preferences/VMware Fusion/vmnet8'. vmnet8 is the virtual interface for NATed guests. You can find what ranges are currently applied for this virtual guests by checking dhcpd.conf. $… Continue reading How to use fixed DHCP address on VMware Fusion 4/5

Use static DHCP IP address in VMWare Fusion guests

MacBook Pro is really nice laptop for developing. With great power in this gadget, you also can create lots of virtual guests. With this virtual guests, you can try various kinds of test. Sometimes, there's a case you want to use fixed IP address (even though it's a private IP) to communicate with other virtual… Continue reading Use static DHCP IP address in VMWare Fusion guests